Monday, August 22, 2011

Flower Lights

I was looking at the decor at Mod Cloth and these flower lights struck my eye. They are really cute and would give a room a luminescence instead of a harsh bright light.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cute Watch & Luggage from Bakers

I could not pass up showing you guys these super cute luggage bags from Bakers. The French style is so cute and I admire them dearly.
Also this white Roman watch looks so elegant and I really wish I could get it

Shoes for Different Occasions

So when I was checking out the Bakers website, I found a few favorites that I would like to share with you guys.
I know there's a lot, hopefully not too overwhelming but my idea was to throw together a collage and kind of like a book of shoes that I thought were very flattering.
I included some that are perfect for casual events and others for a more dramatic effect. The shoes that Im referring to as being dramatic are the shoes with bold colors and more of a height to them. Some people may not have an easy time getting around in high high heels but for the people that it comes a little easier for, it's a great, fun look to try on. Enjoy!

Cute Bag for Fall

So I found this really nice bag from Big Buddha. It's a decent size and very fashionable. If you know me well enough I love the bohemian style and I love tassle-y things. But anywho, it's 70s inspired and a slouchy, relaxed like shape, so nothing too fancy.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keep Warm!

Now that the air will creep into a more frigid state, I need to keep warm and keep warm fashionably!
I love this coat that I found online at Nasty Gal...what do you think?

Armor rings

So Armor rings are really In right now. Here's one I found from Nasty Gal that I really took a liking to.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I cannot go without mentioning the best thing that ever glided down the back of my throat. For all the people who have their minds in the gutter right now, I was talking about the pumpkin spice latte. On the other hand there was that time.... no no back to the latte. It's good.


Okay so Summer is sizzling off and Autumn in soon to reveal itself. Autumn is my FAVORITE season: colored leaves, pumpkin flavors!!!, apple cider, crisp air. So now that the season change is in session, we are going to have to change our wardrobe. I'll post some fearless fall fashion articles at some point this week.
Enjoy the end of summer and don't do anything stupid....unless it's fun!


Who wouldn't want to drink warm Vanilla Rooibos tea at night!?....
Hectic day today. Have been running all over the place doing things right after the other. Nice to have some time to unwind. Mmmmmm....tea......

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Recently went to Sephora and picked up quite a few things but i'm super excited about purchasing the Urban Decay Naked Palette. There is a decent amount of colors and they're neutral so they can go with everything. What's not to love?